Ortho industry that is widely-known for its orthopaedic devices, also involved in surgery to implant and replace artificial joints. The world-class orthopaedic implant and equipment are now very affordable with, Vasco Surgical Company. We are moving forward for research & development further on Orthopaedic, Spine, Hip, Knee, trauma and other Joint Replacement Services.

With our Germany-based operational unit, we deliver a wide range of services including development, products, sales and distribution of medical equipment. We always live in the innovative mode that leads us to develop state of the art. With us, you can stay assure in terms of quality and maintenance. Our capacity to use the latest technology enables us to attain the highest level of quality and standard in our equipment. We are both manufacturer and exporter of all types of orthopaedic traumaproducts & equipment.

Vasco Surgicals started its journey to serve the orthopedic implant sector with the best of products. Due to derivability in abroad as well as all major countries, we have got sound position and great feedback in orthopedic areas. Vasco has its reputation due to more extensive product portfolio, service capabilities and remains committed to providing excellent services.

We are moving toward future research & development on Orthopaedic, Spine, Hip, Knee, trauma and other Joint Replacement Services and has emerged with some of the new products as below (which are in R & D too):

  • Total Hip System (T.H.R)
  • Total Knee Replacement (T.K.R.)
  • Spinal Systems
  • Arthroscopy Systems
  • Bipolar Systems
  • All Trauma Products
  • Uni Lock Plating System
  • Pins & Wires Systems
  • External Fixator Systems
  • All Instruments Inventory

Future vision:

With us, it does not matter whether you are an individual, an institution, or a company; you can count on our dedicated, committed and empowered team that collectively works to meet your medical needs. As we are Sole Distributor & Dealer of Orthopaedic Equipments, We have given distributorship certificates to some major countries worldwide. We are planning to extend our innovation by Research and Development of new technologies for the areas of Spine Replacement & Knee Replacement Equipments. As we are the global leader in orthopaedic trauma devices, we are working to introduce advanced technology to provide alternatives to conventional surgical treatments which will help to provide surgeons with a wide spectrum of treatment options in trauma, spine and joints replacement & orthoscopy areas.

We work on a model of research based development and will remain focused on improving the quality of life for orthopedic patients. A key factor of our growth is “Product Quality” which also gives confidence to Surgeons. Our commitment is to serve with effective & creative solutions. Our solutions will help orthopedic surgeons for their new surgical techniques.

We are expanding ourselves onto R&D centre having highly qualified and skilled persons doing experiments as per the day- to-day market requirement. We keep on monitoring our new products to have closed controls and ensure high quality reliability of products. We can also ensure our new innovations will also enable us to satisfy the expectations of our customers. The motto will remain same. “BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS”.

We can assure our consumers that focussing on the health of patients; we will maintain quality of products in the global market place.

Our mission:

Our main motto is to provide you with the optimal product to ensure your desired results in both routine test and extensively complex discoveries. We use medical grades stainless steel & titanium for the manufacturing of implants and maintain the best methods for testing. You can compare our quality standard with any international implant manufacturer; this demonstrates our commitment towards maintaining quality.

Our vision:

We believe in growing and enhancing our qualities; our ongoing training programme enables our employees to reach the new level of professionalism. We also now are moving ahead on our expertise for trauma, spine and joints replacement & orthoscopy areas via research development production.